Director’s Desk

The School’s mission is to attract and develop exceptional students and teachers from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic India. The TRINITY CONVENT SCHOOL is an inclusive school that celebrates and embraces diversity. Diversity for us is in terms of geography, socio-economic background, and skill sets. Differentiated learning and teaching strategies along with an inclusive approach are at the core of the curriculum.
We recognize the TCS is uniquely different from other legacy schools due to its mission. The school aspires or truly secular and democratic values to serve a meritocratic India. In TCS, the students are given equal attention in the eld of academics, co-curricular and sports activities.
This balance while understanding the needs of students is a unique learning experience. To grow in the direction of success, one needs support and assistance, the ability to learn and the indelible passion to
deliver. Besides our students we inspire all our other stakeholders, be it the Teachers or the Parents to continuously upgrade and be sensitive to our students’ needs at School and at home. We believe that the Student’s most formidable years in life is spent at TCS. Growth not only physically and intellectually but also psychological and emotional is during the ages 12-18 years. Our aim and hope is that a TCS student inculcates exemplary sense of values, the zeal to excel in academics and sports and above all, be a good human being.