Ways to Engage visual learners

As the name suggests, visual learning style is a preference to view and process information. Some experts reveal that visual learners are also good with auditory strategies. And many teachers make use of audio-visual tools to engage these students in a classroom. While there can be a close relationship between one’s ability and preference, the knowledge of these individual styles can always help a teacher.

Let’s take up this style today and see how best we can help these learners reach their highest potential:


A visual learner learns best through viewing, watching, or through observations. They make use of their eyes as the main sensory gateway throughout the learning process. These students are quite common in an online class/traditional classroom. And this fact is also backed by data such as research and survey samples.

In a diverse group of students, this style dominates a bigger fraction of students. As a result, most teachers incorporate the elements of this style to support learners of all types. These individual choices and dominant traits are a great support to apply appropriate strategies within a classroom. So, let’s dig deeper and find out some signs to identify visual learners in a classroom.

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